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Fast turn around label and packaging translation for the retail sector

Label TRANSLATION you can trust

We are trusted by top global brands to provide accurate and engaging Label TRANSLATION. We work in over 60 languages.

Clients include Mothercare, Debenhams, Paul Smith, Burberry, Mulberry, Barbour and many others.

We are ISO: 9001 certified, and have been trading since 1982.

Do you need care label translation?

At first sight Care labels can seem easy. Just a few words. But actually, this is a big part of the challenge. Care label translations are typically a few words or collocations, out of context with anything else. Fibre comps usually combine the name of a fibre, (whether branded or generic), with a description of where that fibre is on the garment. Part of the trick is to use as few words as possible.

We also translate wash care instructions. Of course, if you can completely explain everything with a care symbol, then great. Usually however, you need to give a short explanation.

Country of origin statements, or COOs, are just a list of countries. Or are they? Firstly, many languages have masculine or feminine for a country name. Secondly, when you add a phrase like “made in”, the word order varies in different languages.

So what about warnings? Easy surely? Well no, a warning statement needs to be clear to the reader. It may also need to meet a European or other international standard.

Food Label Translation

We also supply high quality food label translation. We work with both retailers and food manufacturers. Food labelling needs to be accurate and compliant. However, crucially it also needs to appeal to customers, and be easy to understand.

an international food label translation
an international food label translation

Medical Labelling

We also translate medical labelling. Read more on our drug label translation page. Medical labels need to be accurate and compliant.

Other Label areas

Our other areas of work include translating retail packaging and inserts. We also do product user guides and online help files.

Customer care

We don’t just offer great translations. Our after care is really important too:

I highly recommend the retail TRANSLATION provided by Mike at VINALOCALIZE. Since using them at the beginning of 2011, VINALOCALIZE has provided us with a consistent professional service. Their strong attention to detail and meeting of strict deadlines has impressed me greatly. They also provide a strong after-care service.

Derihon Coquard, Debenhams

Big thank you to everyone in getting this done for us. Really impressed and will certainly recommend your company and use you again next time we need translations done.

Amanda Brennan, S.K. Signs & Labels Ltd.

Happy customers:

Getting labels and packaging translation right is really important. Do it well, and you will have happy customers. Get it wrong, and you could have big relabelling costs and legal problems.

Label TRANSLATION – an international care label
Label TRANSLATION – an international care label

Client comments:

We urgently needed 1001 translations for the 9 languages when we launched around July / August last year. And I must say, swift accurate service was much appreciated from yourselves. Especially with the complexity of the project. It was just what we needed. So thank you.

Hayley Solomon, Account Manager, Avery Dennison.

Thanks for these, they look excellent!! I’m sure we’ll come back to you next time we need translation.

Jodie Cordery, Labelon Sales Ltd.

Quality labelling translations

So how do we ensure quality?

Firstly, we choose our translators carefully. We don’t just look at language. Their specialist experience is vital to us. We also train and develop our team.

Secondly, we use consistent terminology. We keep back copies of all your translations, and refer to them when we do new work. Nothing is more annoying than two products side by side, with different translations for the same phrase.

Thirdly, we rigorously quality check all our work. We also use glossaries and relevant reference material.

Tailored, personal label TRANSLATION

We understand your unique needs, and work closely with you to ensure you get the right service. A named member of staff is available to help with any queries.

Checking and proofreading

We check all our work, and also strongly recommend our artwork check and sign-off service. This allows us to ensure that you apply our translations correctly on finished artwork.


We understand your time pressures, especially the impact of print deadlines. We deliver work very quickly. However label translations can be complicated, and should never be rushed. Please work with us to plan deadlines.

We can often deliver large jobs in stages, and coordinate with other stages of your business processes.

The better we understand your needs the more we can help.

Job size, large or small – single or multiple language

No job is either too big, or too small. Try us, you will like our quality.

Contact us to discuss any aspect of label TRANSLATION on +84-0348.568.588

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