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There are debates over machine vs human translation, and the pros and cons of the two approaches, but it is an unnecessary distraction. Machine translation (MT) serves a valid purpose for lowering costs and accelerating turnaround times for high volume projects with a limited budget and less brand-sensitive content. VINALOCALIZE provides a hybrid solution—Machine Translation with Post Editing (MTPE) which combines the fast-turnaround and cost-effectiveness of machine translation and the quality assurance of human translation to keep context and human touch with your brand voice.

Why We Need Machine Translation (MTPE)?

MT is carried out by sophisticated translation programs that rely on vast databases of existing translations as well as complex rules and algorithms to provide quick, automated translations that are as natural as possible. For large projects of which quality is secondary to price, MT without edits and oversight from professional translators can be a viable solution.

What Do We Provide?

VINALOCALIZE can provide all your machine translation needs, and will help you develop an integrated translation plan that allows MT to be part of the workflow automation process, in combination with translation memory, terminology management, and human translation.

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