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Chinese to English translation – A rising demand

Chinese-to-English translation demand is increasing rapidly. Let’s look into the possible causes for this curious happening with VINALOCALIZE.

And how can you find an excellent Chinese-to-English translation and localization service, should you need one? Let’s find out!

Chinese-English translation demand on the rise

China is becoming a major business hub in the world. They have grown to rank as the second-largest economy in the world by GDP, only behind the US. The country has gained enough importance in terms of economy to attract huge names in various fields.

china to english on the world map translation

China is also venturing out of its borders to expand its business, just like many other countries in the wave of globalization. The Chinese presence in many aspects of life can be seen more and more clearly as the days pass.

Aside from the business aspect, the land of China also piques people’s interest in its culture. The country is well-known for being the cradle of civilization, with thousands of years of history. Interested individuals are eager to learn about all the mysteries of China that are yet to be unveiled.

When these events happen, the only thing that could possibly hinder mutual business growth or the craving for knowledge is language. A majority of the world speaks English, and not a majority of Chinese know fluent English. From this dilemma stems the need for translation, from Chinese to English and vice versa. By using a common language, any hardship will be made easy.

Where to find a good Chinese-English translation service

Let’s first talk about Chinese-English machine translation.

Imagine: a girl wants to read a Chinese web novel. It has been the internet hype for quite a while, and nowhere can she find an English translation for this work of fiction. And she doesn’t know Chinese.

Enter Google Translate, Quick Translator, Papago (and you can fill up all the translation applications you can think of here). The algorithm of these apps quickly creates a translation for our imaginary girl. But she seems unhappy. Why?

Because the machine translation sounds weird.

While AI and its algorithm can provide an instant and, to a certain point, accurate translation, it cannot comprehend several aspects that make up a good translation. Sure, a machine can memorize vocabulary, store it up, and never forget it, unlike the human brain. However, without guidance, a machine will only be able to give a surface-level, word-for-word translation. And at some point, the translation even becomes awkward.

It is, of course, perfectly normal to go for the “machinery” option. But in the end, a human mind at work is still the best choice to opt for when you need a Chinese-English translation. An expert in the field can give you a translation that doesn’t feel like it has undergone “horrible surgery” to turn one language into another. At least, they will not make you frown with a silly mistranslation.

Now that you are convinced that human translation is the way to go, you will want to know where to find a good translation service.

That’s where we step in!

Services we provide

VINALOCALIZE can provide an outstanding Chinese-to-English translation service, should you require it. We are always ready with Chinese to English professional translators who can help with:

  • Website translation/localization
  • Marketing translation/localization
  • Medical translation
  • Legal translation

And many more!

Our translation is accurate, and the process is rapid. Chinese-English, among many other language pair translations, is guaranteed to be top quality. We have a team of well-versed native speakers ready to provide assistance 24/7.

Moreover, with our Six Sense Standard Process for quality control, you can rest assured that the translation and localization you receive will be the most satisfying.

Contact us to receive our very reasonable pricing for the Chinese-English translation services you need.

When you are ready to take China by storm, let us aid you in removing the hindering barricades of language differences. With VINALOCALIZE, Chinese translation has never felt so easy!

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